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What year was it ? Reference sheet


  • Jim gets Ph.D. from Univ No. Colorado.  4 Olsens move to Macomb, IL.
  • Jim starts job at WIU, fall 1994.


  • Diane graduates MHS.


  • Spg break Opa, Oma, and 5 Olsens travel to Domincan Republic for spring break.
  • Walt (Opa) passes away May 2, 2010



  • Eric graduates MHS.


  • Diane graduates Drake. Starts at McGladry Oct. 2013



  • Rachel graduates MHS.


  • Eric graduates Drake.


  • Oma to Lake Okoboji. Rode wave runner. Realized she didn’t like being there by herself. July 16, 2017 on Facebook.
  • August fell in her apartment (after a swim).
  • 5-6 weeks to skilled nursing/rehab.
  • Then she got Home Instead.


  • Diane and Luke Delgehausen Married 6/2/18. Oma goes to both weddings. Using walker.
  • Early August Jim and Marilyn big loop. To ranch; to Denver for MathFest; to Cheyenne (nice family gathering at Roberta’s house); to Bill Owen and Lincoln/Oma on return across I-80.
  • Eric and Jordan Married 8/25/18


  • March: Jim and Marilyn to Lincoln for Samantha Bower wedding (March 2). Jim and Marilyn to Landing. Temporary eating arrangement in basement (to eat with Eric and Jordan). Oma using walker, but opts for wheelchair. Cold, needs sweater. Food doesn’t arrive quick enough. Oma struggles with phone. Home Instead lady takes her back to apartment (wo eating) for a nap. After the nap, Oma more alert and talkative; had conversation. Marilyn hands over the binder photo album to Oma.
  • Oma health issues, goes down hill.  After being in rehab facility moves into the Cove.
  • Rachel graduates Drake, May. Family trip to Hawaii.
  • June 21-23 finish opening at Lake with Schulenbergs.  Following we take pictures of Landing apartment.
  • July, Jim and Marilyn and truck to Lincoln to move things out of the Landing apartment. Marilyn drives truck to Omaha and Des Moines to drop things off (U-Haul left in Des M.). Marilyn drive through to Macomb for 4H Fair. Jim stays in Lincoln to ‘finish up’ apartment.
  • To Dilsaver Reunion and to Lincoln to see Oma.