Mar 23

Creeping Charlie versus Henbit – Plus 1


Henbit is very common in spring (can cover large portions of farmer’s fields). It has a purpleish pink flower and leaves that mainly grow around the stem, which is square. This is a winter annual.

– Creeping Charlie

Creeping Charlie has a purpleish, blue flower. Leaves are round (or kidney-shaped), and on short stems from the main stem. (Aka, ground ivy, creeping Jenny) Creeping Charlie is a perennial weed. It’s harder to get rid of than henbit. It is a mint, and if you crush the leaves, they have a strong, mint smell.

Purple Deadnettle (the +1)

Purple deadnettle is a winter annual. Flower is purpleish pink, like henbit. Leaves are heart-shaped with a point. Purple deadnettle seems to be less common in western Illinois.

we have all three of these weeds in our neighborhood and it’s fun to identify what when we’re out on a walk.


From UK.

From Turf’s Up.


Aug 01

Know Thyself

I couldn’t sleep. I turned to my iPad.  On the Medium app I read an article,

The Most Important Skill Nobody Taught You

which really resonated with me. It has many good quotes, including

According to Pascal, we fear the silence of existence, we dread boredom and instead choose aimless distraction, and we can’t help but run from the problems of our emotions into the false comforts of the mind.

It discusses the perils of being connected and the importance of solitude. Another quote:

We now live in a world where we’re connected to everything except ourselves.

The same author Zat Rana also wrote Everything I Have Learned in 500 Words.

It has many good aphorisms. As an aside, I don’t think his 500 words emphasizes building up others enough and the importance of learning.

I like the format and the length and tone of the aphorisms. I’d like to write something similar: Two articles (maybe a third):

  • Important things to know about teaching in 500 words
  • Important things Christianity has taught me in 1000 words.
  • Practical tips I’ve learned in 500 words.

A few random things to include:

  • love often comes down to building others up authentically
  • feeling inferior is debilitating
  • organization is huge
  • agape love can be tough with relatives
  • communication is huge
  • one should always look for ways to help and build up their spouse
  • favoritism of children and grandchildren is problematic, but very easy.

Jul 05

What is an alternative expression for more than one way to skin a cat?

There is more than one way to brew green tea?

This is more than one road to Rome.

Dermis and feline can be divorced by manifold methods.

Mar 21

minimalism the difference between focused and busy 

Mar 19

Ostensible – word

Ostensible, Ostensive, Ostensibly, (Equiv. Ostensively) 

In appearance but possibly not true.

Jan 05

16 Things Successful People Do on Monday Mornings