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Purchases (& income) Ref Sheet

Reference Sheet of Purchases and  Money In


Feb. and August yearly – kid’s trust money (usually$1K each time) from Opa/Oma trust

Feb. yearly – Trust mo

March/April yearly – 1and1 bill for http://bombersports.org/ website. I need to bill the Bomber Boosters to get reimbursed.

Jan. yearly – I pay about $72 to 1and1 for http://bombersports.org/

11-21-16 – Camtasia Sudio $84.50 (upgrade education). [There was an optional maintenance fee, which is $42.50 annually, which gives you rights to a ‘free’ upgrade. I declined this.]


Paid $71.88 for drjimo.net (1 and 1 IONOS)


Renew ICTM membership 1 year. paid $35. thru 11-5-19 (actually paid it 1-4-2019) Now it’s good through 1-4-2020

renew MAA membership 1 yr $175. thru 12-31-2019

Bomber Booster Club website
+sent bill in late spring (I pay in early March)
+rec’d payment

Sept. 2018 subscribe to Christianity Today. NOTE: this renews automatically unless I stop it. 12 issues for (sp price $9.98) https://www.magazine.store/order/checkout/confirmation.jsp?orderId=2ae675ddf&_requestid=13451

May 2018 (for FY ’19) $100 per month for MCAP for a total of $1200.

Rec’d trust JRO

WIU Football season ticket – done 6-22-2018 (discover)

trust $ for RD and Eric Feb and July ($1K x 4)

Leatherneck Club for 18-19. done 6-22-18 $200 (check) (which is good, because I think they want you to join by June 30.)


May 2017 (for FY ’18) $110 per month for MCAP for a total of $1320.

Season tix MBB and WBB. 145+95

Rec’d EJO and RDO from trust 7-19-17.

Got $ from Opa’s fund for RD and from my, Coverdell, account. (and paid Drake for fall 2017)

Joined Bomber Boosters at the $50 level. 7-26-17

WIU Football season ticket – done 4-29-2017

Leatherneck Club for 17-18. done 6-21-17 $200


$500 for DKP endowed scholarship