Mar 23

Creeping Charlie versus Henbit – Plus 1


Henbit is very common in spring (can cover large portions of farmer’s fields). It has a purpleish pink flower and leaves that mainly grow around the stem, which is square. This is a winter annual.

– Creeping Charlie

Creeping Charlie has a purpleish, blue flower. Leaves are round (or kidney-shaped), and on short stems from the main stem. (Aka, ground ivy, creeping Jenny) Creeping Charlie is a perennial weed. It’s harder to get rid of than henbit. It is a mint, and if you crush the leaves, they have a strong, mint smell.

Purple Deadnettle (the +1)

Purple deadnettle is a winter annual. Flower is purpleish pink, like henbit. Leaves are heart-shaped with a point. Purple deadnettle seems to be less common in western Illinois.

we have all three of these weeds in our neighborhood and it’s fun to identify what when we’re out on a walk.


From UK.

From Turf’s Up.