Running +


Garmin Connect website (The Garmin Express desktop app is used to sync.)

Walk Jog Run

Dropbox: C:\Users\James\Dropbox\Personal\Running+Fitness (includes history of runs and results)


  • Classic Sherman loop 1.9
  • Sherman +1 (Calhoun) 2.4
  • Sherman +2 (Washington) 2.4
  • Sherman +3 (McDonough) 3.5
  • Sherman +4 (Patton Park) 4
  • Around HS (Sherman +5) 5.9
  • WalMart 6.5
  • Meadowbrook 3.3

Jeff Galloway

Magic Mile& calculator & Run-Walk-Run Strategies


At Home Weight Lifting

Arms/Shoulders: Curls Military press French curls Lean-over French curls Rowing Push-ups   Legs: Heel raises Squats Romanian Deadlift (hamstrings) Kettlebell swings   Other/core: Shoulder shrugs Sit-ups Shoulder lifts Leg raises Knee crunches Other for the weight room: Chest-Supported Dumbbell Row (lying face down on a slightly inclined bench)   Do Speed work Do hills/stairs

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