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Garmin Connect website (The Garmin Express desktop app is used to sync.)

Walk Jog Run

Dropbox: C:\Users\James\Dropbox\Personal\Running+Fitness (includes history of runs and results)


  • Classic Sherman loop 1.9
  • Sherman +1 (Calhoun) 2.4
  • Sherman +2 (Washington) 2.4
  • Sherman +3 (McDonough) 3.5
  • Sherman +4 (Patton Park) 4
  • Around HS (Sherman +5) 5.9
  • WalMart 6.5
  • Meadowbrook 3.3

Jeff Galloway

Magic Mile& calculator & Run-Walk-Run Strategies


At Home Weight Lifting

Arms/Shoulders: Curls Military press French curls Lean-over French curls Rowing Push-ups   Legs: Heel raises Squats Romanian Deadlift (hamstrings) Kettlebell swings   Other/core: Shoulder shrugs Planks Sit-ups Shoulder lifts Leg raises Knee crunches Other for the weight room: Chest-Supported Dumbbell Row (lying face down on a slightly inclined bench) At-Home Ab Workout for Entire Core …

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Amazfit Bip 5

On 9/14/23 I purchased an Amazfit Bip 5. Manual is HERE.

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Kite Flying (1)

I’m considering taking up kite flying. List of my kites is here. Parafoil (or foil) kites and sled kites are similar and easy to fly. Foil kites have no sticks and pack up in a small area. I’ve started a Pinterest board. The website (which was recommended to me) has kites listed as easy, …

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