This website is for personal use and is not intended for public use.  Among my pages for public use are Jim Olsen’s Home Page and drjimo.net.


Love, Learn, Engage, Empower – My life handbook is my guidebook to help me live my best life, consisting of everything from my life’s purpose, to life adages and rules-of-thumb, to long-term goals, to short-term goals, to action plans to realize said goals. The life handbook reflects the essence of what it means to live my best life. It’s a map and a compass for life. It’s mainly for my use, but it is open to the public. faith.drjimo.net is more intended for myself and the public. Also included in the lifehandbook is a listing of things I want to ‘remember,’ such as when I updated a piece of software (OK, that was a lame example).

Author: Jim Olsen (James R. Olsen)

Brief author description: I teach at Western Illinois University & have a great wife and 3 great children. I consider myself a Christian, family member, teacher, athlete, and scholar.  I taught HS math in the public schools for 10 years. I have been a teacher educator in the Mathematics Department at Western Illinois University since 1994.  More Info on Dr. O here.

My Vision for Myself: I want to be a serving Christian, loving family member, nurturing teacher, competing athlete, and contributing scholar. (I intentionally choose the word competing and not the word competitive.)

Purpose of this Site: The idea for a Life Handbook came from Celestine Chua (twitter.com/celestinechua) and her post here.  Paraphrasing from what Celestine says, my life handbook is my guidebook to help me live my best life, consisting of everything from my life’s purpose, to life adages and rules-of-thumb, to long-term goals, to short-term goals, to action plans to realize said goals. The life handbook reflects the essence of what it means to be me and what it takes to live my best life. The Life Handbook can be thought of as a map and a compass for life. (This website is an outgrowth of my original L2E2 site.)

Intent: This is a work in progress.  Initially, it is very incomplete. My intent is to create a website that is highly organized and  meaningful.

I’m not-throwing-stuff-at-the-wall Disclaimer: This website will grow gradually and may never be comprehensive. This is to be carefully curated.  Concise is better.  (For a wall with stuff on it look at my Pinterest or here or here.)

Intended Audience: This site is created for myself. I will keep it open to the public, for those that are curious.

Initiation Date and Aspiration: This site was created July 7, 2016.  I have been making web pages since 1999 (see other webpages below). I expect to maintain this website for at least the next 8 years.

Blog Aspect: At the outset, I do not plan to have blog posts on this site.  I do have other sites where I post things.  (It is possible I may use posts as a ‘diary,’ but I rather doubt it.)

Some of My Beliefs: More will be provided in the site. For now, I’ll say I believe what the Bible says. I believe I am cropped-L2E2iconUse2.pngcalled to Love, Learn, Engage, & Empower. L2E2

Feedback/Comments: I do welcome feedback from readers of this site. Please call me or email me. [I have disabled the comment feature on the website itself.]

Social Media: I use (in somewhat decreasing order of significance)

Some of my other webpages and projects:

  • Jim Olsen’s Home Page – this remains as my ‘front’ page. Lists current projects and pages and links to most everything else you see here.
  • Faith.drjimo.net – Believe Belong Become – Help me lead a purpose-driven life. Christian notes and reflections. Also here are notes on leadership and servant leadership (and communication).
  • Teaching Resources – this is a very extensive list of resources for teaching.
  • More Sites – fuller list here.